Purple Owl Project Inc.  
DV/Rape Survivors Task Force 


Giving You the Information, Fellowship, and Support That You Need 

Where to Get Help

If you or a family member is in danger or a victim of rape, contact the DV Hotline 800-799-Safe (7233) or Rape Crisis 1-800-656-HOPE (4673). They will help you safety plan, contact immediate emergency care and/or give you local resources.

Purple Owl Project Inc. provides outreach and support to survivors who want other survivors to relate to, find out how to continue to move forward and provide education to community leaders, schools, universities, law enforcement and the media the true needs and realities of a Victim to become a thriving survivor.

Victim Awareness Programs

We provide domestic violence and rape awareness by holding seminars and programs in different parts of the country. Our speaker provides knowledge, understanding, and answers to tough questions about these issues. Contact us for more information about our programs. We hold talks to the following:

  • Businesses
  • Communities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Local Government Agencies
  • Local Law Enforcement Departments and Penitentiaries

The Purple Owl Fund

No More

Support our cause by making a donation. We use the funds to provide secret bill pay, uniform assistance, fuel cards, tuition contributions, a week’s worth of daycare, and other success needs. To help, fill out the inquiry on the contact us page and we will let you know how you can be a part of the success to a Survivor.