Purple Owl Project Inc.  
DV/Rape Survivors Task Force 


We've loved every minute of our journey and we look forward to the sounds of many successful lives of laughter through the rain stories ahead.
After spending 7 days in a local hospital struggling to cling to life and a fight for victims rights, a fellow survivor came up with creating the "Purple Owl Project Inc." in Toledo, Ohio;  given strength from advocates, shelters and program leaders who stated "we will fight as hard for you as you fight for yourself".  The very night that survivor was released from the hospital they reached out to the online community of Google Plus and created a survivors for survivors support venue.  Their support and fellowship of not just for her, for every one on that current site; has lead to the creation of the Purple Owl Project inc of North west Ohio and South East Michigan.
Toledo is the number one per capita in Domestic Violence Homicides.  We are 240 members growing on the Google Domestic Violence Survivors community.  It is because of the banding together we are stronger, we know we matter and we can find laughter in the midst of our tragedy, as each supports each other and inspires each to never stop thriving or to be silenced.
We can show our children and predators violence is a deal breaker.  And we let the advocates who are weary, "we fight for our advocates as hard as they fought for us."
Together "We Came to Realize"  in order to thrive at surviving we needed to all work together to end the violence.  
A special thanks to the SOAR of Rhode Island who showed survivors in North West Ohio and South East Michigan our voice is how to come together.  

Purple Owl Ten "We Came To Realize Moments." these are  the common denominators of our success stories and we produced the Ten Came Realize steps that seem to be leading to our success.  Here are: Purple Owl Ten Continued Steps for Thrivivng

1. We came to realize we were abused, victimized and /or our lives were controlled by fear of our abuser or attacker.
2.  We came to realize that we could not live in freedom and our lives were in constant danger of our abuser/attacker.
3.  We came to realize our isolation and secrecy kept us prisoner to our abuser/attacker.  "Silence is not Golden" phase.
4.  We came to realize: we had to reach for help. We had to learn the lessons of how to have healthy relationships, boundaries, safe and healthy persons in our lives and became willing to take honest no matter what accountability for our lives.
5. We came to realize through fellowship,  support, constant contact with our Higher Power, "checked our choices, checked our crew"(walk the word ministry motto) were we able to fight for our soul.
6. We came to realize through humbly admitting to our Higher Power, to ourselves and to another human being our wrong doings were we able to truly grow into the suit of survivor.
7.  We came to realize not everyone in our lives will understand or be supportive of our new healthy life choice and learned to let go, forgive ourselves and others, know many will return to abusive situations as many of us have repeatedly ad we still maintained safe contact without judgement.
8.  We came to realize our Thriving success continued through "paying it forward" as many had done for us.  Through volunteering, community outreach, attending meetings, sponsorship, advocacy, and maintained lives free of abusive relationships.
9.  We came to realize we are not perfect and that we are human in our imperfections.  Through continued honesty of our actions, daily self inventory with our Higher Power we could and do maintain lives free of unhealthy choices, people and places.
10.  We came to realize our legacy and focused our thriving on that purpose.  

Detailed how we put each step into action will be available in paperback in time for  the holidays 2016. And is available at our local meetings. 

Our First Volunteers

Quietly and steadfast all Purple Owls agree to remain secret.  The Paying it forward movement (started by a 10 yr boy in California) and the Check your Choices, Check Who your Crew is-- movement of the "Walk the Word" Ministry is not just for giving back-- it keeps in the priority of the safety of us all. Leaving is the most dangerous time, becoming successful can send an abuser to do unthinkable things.  Keeping those who continue to lift up our afflicted want our survivors safe as the majority of us are survivors ourselves.    

Our Voices Heard

Our Field Outreach Personal sits on the Local Domestic Violence Task Force and publicly monitors, times and journals the Lucas County Court and Monroe County Court Violent Offender arraignments at random intervals.  They work closely with victims who's likely hood of death is the greatest.  

Why Not All Of Us?

When domestic violence, rape, incest, sexual assault become zero tolerance policies it will only be then that we will begin to vaccinate the epidemic.  Number one vaccine is a Voice.  "Silence is not Golden".  Purple Owl Project Inc. Primary Purpose is to be the voice of the faceless who survived and want to know how to continue thriving.  Male, female, child, LBGTQ, we do not discriminate.  Haven't left the abuser, okay, the only requirement for membership is a desire for a life with out violence. Verbal, Spiritual,Child, Elder, Financial, Mental, Sexual, On The Job and Most Commonly Physical abuse.  Any of the abuses, none is less than the other... ABUSE IS ABUSE.