Purple Owl Project Inc.  
DV/Rape Survivors Task Force 


About Purple Owl Project Inc.

Purple Owl Project Inc. is a non-profit organization in Lucas County Ohio that provides a support network for domestic violence and rape survivors. We are the Victim's Voice on the Toledo Municipal Court Committee and Lucas County Domestic Violence Task Force.  We are all fellow survivors working together to bring awareness and education all over the country.  Our main focus is to bring support to fellow survivors like ourselves and provide them with the tools necessary to continue to live beyond the abuse we managed to escape alive.  We have trudged, endured and endure again.  The support of others who have been there to ease the burden that "no one understands" where you've been is lifted when we have the resource to be with others who are survivors.  

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to bring continued support to domestic violence and rape survivors. We are fellow survivors who know that it is not easy to move forward beyond the fears and nightmares. Yet, we are not alone and we have not been abandoned. The Purple Owl Project Inc. provides continued support to those survivors who want to continue to succeed and productively thrive.